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Does thinking about or anticipating an outbreak cause you tension and worry?
* Do you experience frequent outbreaks?
* Are your outbreaks upsetting and emotionally disturbing?
* Do outbreaks occur when you are under stress?

If you can answer yes to any of these questions, this is indicating that your stress hormones are effecting your immune function and its ability to curb outbreaks of the herpes virus, (genital or oral). These outbreaks can be stopped from ever occuring again with an outstanding new method of guided hypnosis. This new technique works directly with our immune system.

Become Outbreak Free
Hypnotherapist and councilor of over 20 years Roger W. Hunter (Dyp.C.Hyp.) has developed this new copyrighted hypnotic program. This amazingly successful program is helping both women and men who previously suffered from often reoccuring outbreaks of the painful herpes virus. Roger himself suffered from frequent outbreaks of blisters before he perfected his own cure with this stress reducing, immune boosting hypnotic program. Read More �
How it works
In an easy to follow three step hypnotic process Roger Hunter relaxes you into a beautiful space he calls, "between sleep and dreams". As you relax your thoughts become more focused and attentive. When you reach this state of deep concentration he speaks directly to your subconcious mind responsible for controlling your immune system. It is your bodies physical reaction to your stress hormones that causes the herpes blisters to breakout on the skin. All you have to do is lie back and be relaxed into a beautiful stress free state where you listen to the powerful hypnotic induction. You do not have to do a thing. Read More �
"To say that you have changed my life would be an understatement. I have been outbreak free for over 18 months now. My life has been turned around and I feel so very clean and healthy. You assured me your self-hypnosis program would work and it truely has. I honestly can't thank you enough." Mary B. Los Angeles Read More �
97.3 % Success Rate
The free from herpes program has changed the lives of many long time sufferers. It has proven outstanding 97% success rate for those who suffer from reoccurring outbreaks of either Genital or Oral herpes. The bodies natural defence system is called "The immune responses". Whenever herpes attacks the immune system, the body fights back. As the battle grows more intense there are heavy losses by both the herpes virus and the immune system. This causes the body to be less able to defend itself from attacks by other viruses. For these very reasons it is important that you should do everything possible to stop further outbreaks.
Only your doctor can diagnose herpes. There are other serious conditions, which look similar to herpes lesions. It is very important that you see your Doctor for an accurate diagnosis.

Thank you for giving me a new life. I have not had a single outbreak for some 12 months now. I can now make plans in advance without worrying that I am going to have an outbreak. It has made such a difference to my life and how I feel about myself.
  Barry B.
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