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How it Works

How your mind can heal your body.
Hypnosis deals with the subconscious part of the mind. (See chart below) The part of the mind which is responsible for our involuntary nervous and immune systems. Researchers have found that stress hormones are associated with particular unhealthy emotions. These hormones affect immune systems and organs throughout the body. For example, stress related to anxiety can result in disruptions in the heart and the immune function. Generally, research shows that being stressed and having negative emotions is unhealthy and a major contributor to reoccuring outbreaks of the herpes virus. The goal of mind body techniques that this hypnotic program uses is to activate the relaxation response and reduce or eliminate the stress response. When you are relaxed the level of hormones related to stress are minimized and the immune system is more efficient. High levels of stress hormones circulating in the body actually prove to increase your susceptibility to infection as well.

Hypnotic suggestion
Under hypnosis herpes blisters are suppressed by instructions given directly to the subconcious and your immune system. The signals of distress and worry from our mind that causes the painful blisters to occur and the virus to breakout on the skin are suppressed. You will not experience any further outbreaks of herpes blisters.

The program
The three-step program (three tracks of 20 minutes each) is available on a beautifully mastered CD or audio tapes, Roger Hunter (Dyp.C.Hyp.) firstly relaxes the mind by the use of an electronic metronome which is timed at the same CPS (Cycles per second) as the brainwaves we emit at the subconscious level. A beautiful relaxed state between sleep and dreams. . Once you are relaxed down to this level your immune system is ready and able to receive the powerful copyrighted hypnotic induction. This instruction directs and commands your immune system to ignore and disregard the signals of stress that has previously triggered the virus to breakout and cause the painful herpes blisters on the skin. The whole program takes just one hour. You will never have another outbreaks of either herpes or cold sore blisters. If ever at anytime in the future you feel stressed all you have to do is find a quite place for yourself, listen to any one of the three tracks once again and you will immediately feel so relaxed and free once again.

Roger W Hunter (Dip.C.Hyp.)

Brain waves of our thinking.
CPS = cycles per second.

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    Thank you for giving me a new life. I have not had a single outbreak for some 12 months now. I can now make plans in advance without worrying that I am going to have an outbreak. It has made such a difference to my life and how I feel about myself.
      Barry B.
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